Immune Sub-Study

Study Purpose

The Immune Sub-Study was developed as a sub-protocol of the Canadian COVID-19 Vaccine Registry for Pregnant and Lactating Individuals (COVERED). The larger vaccine study aims to assess safety, effectiveness, and acceptability of COVID-19 vaccination in pregnant individuals. The Immune Sub-Study aims to enable a better understanding of the immune response of the COVID-19 vaccine generated during pregnancy by looking at maternal and infant blood samples, as well as breast milk.

Initial engagement has been established at BC Women’s Hospital with the potential for additional sites throughout BC.

Study Objectives

  1. To examine immune response to COVID-19 vaccination in pregnant individuals and their infants
  2. To measure IgG and IgA antibody levels in breastmilk samples

Study Eligibility

  1. Currently pregnant and scheduled to or intending to be vaccinated against COVID-19
  2. 19 years of age or older
  3. Able to communicate in English
  4. Registered to deliver at BC Women’s Hospital

Please contact for more information or questions about the Immune Sub-Study